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Remember when Radiohead moved away from reinventing the style of UK music and moved into more obscure blips and bleeps instead of guitars? Everyone was in a rush to find the next big band that would sell of the shelves, sell out shows and inhabit mix tapes for years. Coldplay, Travis, the Doves - they all seemed to get hyped until they ventured too far into experimental sounds, or became too mainstream. Finally, someone fits perfectly into this gaping hole. Norwegian born Even Johansen, a.k.a. Magnet.

His 2003 disc, On Your Side, did so well that Filter agreed to release it stateside and NME voted him as one of the artists to shine in the future. He even was nominated for the Norwegian equivalent of a grammy, so that is cool I guess. Compared to all the aforementioned bands, he also reminds me (at times) of Neil Finn, Mugison and Ed Harcourt.

He tracked songs for Six Feet Under, the OC and combined with Gemma Hayes to re-record a perfect version of Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" for the blockbuster Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Even was seen on stage with the Doves, Gemma Hayes, Zero 7 and many more. His style, although compared to lots of great artists, is really his own. He combines the atmospheric, earthy sounds you expect from Air with the beautiful depressing melodies and powerful lyrics that make Chris Martin realize he needs to step up.

Well, fast forward to 2006, and Even is back with another fantastic album, the Tourniquet. This album will land Magnet in the spotlight, and on radio stations all over the world. His songs fit perfectly into WYEP, KEXP and almost any other music station's format. Ranging from orchestral pop, to almost dub reggae melodies, the combination of sound effects, gentle finger picked riffs, piano, perfectly placed drums and emotion will leave you wanting to listen to this disc over and over again.

Magnet will be opening for one of the world's greatest band, the Stars, on the following dates:

• Feb. 22nd – Boston, Paradise
• Feb. 23rd – Philadelphia, Beyond
• Feb. 24th – Washington DC, Black Cat
• Feb. 25th – New York, Webster Hall

He's also confirmed for SXSW. The album is released on this side of the pond on Feb.14th. So in the meantime check out his site for a free download of Duracellia.

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