We are Scientists, Hear us Roar

Do you ever feel like you are the only person that missed the boat? Like when you walk into the break room at work and start talking about how great this movie you check out for the first time this weekend, only to realize everyone else saw it and has said what they had to say about it years ago? "I think it was called Top Gun, or something like that. Dude, Tom Cruise was called like Maverick, and he totally busted a tower!"

Well in Indie pop-culture, especially blogs, weeks and months equates to decades, so here goes – "have you heard of this new CD by this band We Are Scientists? It's called With Love and Squalor.

Scour any blog, especially the fantastic You Aint No Picasso, and you will see hipsters, Indie kids and music nerds alike praising this badly dressing Brooklyn-based trio. They are starting to get noticed by bigger audiences. Does this mean they are going to fall from grace, or is it that people are getting exposed to better music these days?

Their major label debut album is laced in post-punk XTC-influenced goodness. Starting with the single, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt you get a sense of what you are in for. Punchy, danceable songs that fans of the Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand will enjoy.

To say the band is simply creating pop songs is a little unfair, as the arrangements these guys deliver are much more complex than 90% of what you hear on the radio. Sure, it seems like only a matter of time before the scene they are apart of, turns on them (remember when the Strokes were cooler than the other side of the pillow, and people started dressing like Demone from Fast Times as a result?), but for now they are the poster child for DIY bands everywhere.

Not too long ago, the band was unsigned, relatively unknown. Now, with almost no press, they got signed to a major (Virgin) and are constantly featured in magazines. Not a bad transition for a band that more or less formed as a joke. What helps make this album so good is the diversity in the tracks. Sure there are more hooks than a tackle box and surprisingly powerful lyrical content, but this album isn't just full of plow forward post punk tracks. Just look at the reggae-esque melody of Can't Lose, or the distortion heavy Textbook and you see these guys aren't mimicking a sound, they are writing music they like.

That being said, tracks like Cash Cow, The Great Escape and The Scene is Dead are going to be the songs that most people will want to hear: foot pounding, head bopping rock that will get you out on the dance floor.

Check out the bands myspace page for a free d/l of the great track, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.

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