Amos Lee - Music for a Sunday morning

No, Amos Lee didn’t go with a terrible album title, but as I was sitting drinking my morning coffee I realized his debut self titled CD is perfect to play as you shake the cobwebs on a Sunday morning.

Amos started getting some attention when he opened for BlueNote label mate, Norah Jones - who actually guests on two tracks, and now he is drawing favorable comparisons to her music as well. It is probably too easy to start mentioning artists that obviously influence Amos (Van Morrison, Bill Withers, Otis Redding, even Dylan), but that makes it seem like this album is not special and just another person ripping off the greats. Trust me, that is not hte case. This CD was a listen once and love for me.

Too often, this kind of mellow R & B is dumped into the pechoulli wearing or more accurately, Abercrombie and Finch wearing crowd. Fans of Dave Matthews have probably already decided Amos is the next big thing, but hopefully that won’t scare you from this release. Amos wrote all the music on the album, plays the guitar and sings with the emotion and pitch that makes you believe these songs mean more to hiim than just something to record. Plus, according to one reviewer, his “voice swings from vulnerable vibrato into a falsetto so smooth it’ll wipe the melanoma off of Aaron Neville’s melon.” I’m not even really sure how to take that, but it is rich in awesomeness, just like this CD.

Check out Amos on Austin City Limits:: Colors

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