Band of Horses

Finding a folk/country/psychedelic band on the Sub Pop label is kind of like finding a white, McDonald's All-American holding a letter of intent to play at Duke. It's not surprising, you almost expect it. That doesn't mean the band (or the translucent jump shooter) isn't good, it means just the opposite.

Most Sub Pop bands will never be huge, but will be extremely talented and fit into the style of music Sub Pop is known for. For every Iron & Wine release that gets picked up by everyone and their closest 10 friends, there are countless bands putting out great songs, but they don't really get heard. The latest addition to the Sub Pop fold that is starting to make some noise is Band of Horses.

This two-piece is based out of Seattle, and you might recognize the names: Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke. They were both members of the often overlooked Carissa's Wierd. Ben's vocals will appeal to any fan of Flaming Lips. I know that is kind of generic, but I hate trying to compare vocalists, trying to give the band creds. The songs on their first full length, Everything All the Time (release date March 21/06), are diverse and addictive. Standouts include the folky simple epic, Monster, the catchy, harmonized closing track, St. Augustine and the more upbeat, rocking anthem, The Great Salt Lake.

For those lucky enough to be in Seattle, you should definitely hit Neumos on March 4th.

They used to have some nice demos on their Web site, but now the site is down, so I'm not sure what is going on. Here's a nice intro to the band :: St. Augustine.

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