Ben Harper

When the Saquatch Festival line-up was announced, I was happy to see Ben Harper headlining Day 2. That got me to thinking - It's about time for Ben to grace us with another album. So I checked out his Web site and low and behold, we have a double disc out March 21st.

Ben Harper is one of those musicians who really, to pull an Almost Famous, loves music. This dude puts his heart and soul into every song, every show and every interview. He is passionate about how music changes the world. Listen to Fight for Your Mind and tell me he isn't singing to try to make this world a better place, and inspiring people to do the same.

It seems cliche, but hearing him pay tribute to the greats on the Beatles cover album, or Stars of Motown, you really get the feeling that this guy is hyped on music more than Coach Paris was hooked on his OPP maxi-single cassette.

The new album, Both Sides of the Gun, promises to have powerful lyrics, slide guitar, acoustic and reggae funk and a message that is deeper than the mines of Minolta.

They web site is offering up a snippet of the first track: Better Off. It's got that Beatles feel to it until Ben busts out the slide solo and blows the roof of the muthersucka. If this is any indication how good this album is going to be, I'm hyped.

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