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We've been doing more interviews lately, and talking to some great musicians with a lot of different influences. I've always thought one of the coolest things about musicians is that they can talk about a book, and artist or a CD and there fans will give it a chance. I mean, simply listing someone as a "friend" on your myspace site will guarantee some exposure.

So in a YANP Merry Mixmas type feel, we've compiled some recommendations from some of the hippest artists around.
Note:: Hippest artists = people that agree to get interviewed by herohill.

Owen from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
1. The first two albums by Harvey Milk are ridiculously good and I am so excited that they have reformed. I can't wait for their new album and I can't wait for them to come play Chicago.
2. Kiki Smith's exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is astonishing.
3. Guacamole is surprisingly delicious on pizza.

Ian Love
1. I really love this artist that did the artwork for my record her name is Erica Harris and her website is
2. My neighbor Michael is a really cool artist and his website is
3. The power of now by Eckhart Tolle

Pete Bush from Pete Bush and the Hoi Polloi
1. Dane Cook. This guy is a total BAMF, cause when someone calls you pal, and you aren’t his pal… fuck that.
2. Fast Willie Parker of the Pittsburgh Steelers
3. J. Robbins

Myles from Wolfmother
1. Behind the Beat by Raph
2. Tim Hawkison exhibit in LA
3. Boards of Canada – the campfire release

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