Friday, February 24, 2006

Dub Tractor

I'll admit, when it comes to music I'm a huge snob. I always think what I like is the best, and no record store clerk can tell me what's what. That being said, I did stumble upon a fantastic band when I walked into Penguin Records and am still a big fan today.

That band is Dub Tractor.

When I first moved to Toronto, I was unemployed but getting a paycheck from the US. Worked out ok. I had tots of free time and some cash to burn on discs. Penguin Records was right across the street and I usually stopped in once or twice a week. I'm sure when the guy saw me come in he totally pulled a High Fidelity and knew he'd be able to sell a record if he put on a certain song. That song was "I Don't Care" (from More or Less Mono) and the subtle electronic beats and repeating chorus had me reaching for my wallet before I could even humbly ask, "Who is this?"

Dub Tractor is the moniker of Anders Remmer (one third of System 3) and the sound is amazing. Organic subtle guitars and bass, distortion, well programmed beats, pop hooks and simple but well placed vocals. Not hooked? How about those cheesy Dub sound effects that should sound wack, but sound perfect in the mix? Yeah, he uses those in spades.

The latest album, Hideout, is simply breathtaking. Electro-coustic goodness mixed with an almost shoegaze style guitar and dub feel. The first song that really grabs you is, Much Better than This. Anders simply repeats the chorus over a minimalistic beat. The recipe sounds simple, and maybe that is what makes his music so good. He doesn't try to make cram everything into a song. The grainy textures and guitars add all that is needed to the programming and vocals.

The simple guitar riff of the title track meshes perfectly with the distortion and is perfect for a night of chilling out. Finding background music that doesn't fit into an elevator stee is key.

If you heard More or Less Mono, you know what you are getting into – especially the similiarities between I Don’t Care and the lovely I Forgot on this album.

Highly recommended. Standout tracks – Hideout, Much Better than You, I Forgot

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