Hold up - I like Harvey Danger?

Have you ever realized you actually like something you thought you hated? Like you try eggplant after thinking for years that it tastes like a bag of asses, and it find out it's actually tasty. Or maybe soon, Nicklesack Kroeger will say, 'you know all these years I hated hairstyles that weren't out of style, and Jesus-esque. No way I'd like not looking like a douche,' only to find out he can cut his hair and look like a normal human being (if normal human beings had huge chompers).

After years of thinking I hated Harvey Danger, Pete sent me the band's latest disc, Little by Little, and I was blown away. I distinctly remember thinking that that jam Flagpole Sitta was horseshit, but maybe I just assumed it was since the title spelled 'sitter' in ghetto slang? Did I really even know what Harvey Danger was about? I guess in '98, I was repping punk rawk and not much else, so chances are I dismissed them without reason.

As the piano intro to Wine, Women and Song bounced into my headphones, I was instantly intrigued. The beautiful melody and descriptive lyrics won me over from the 21 jump. This is the type of song you can't help singing along to.

The next track, Only Cream and Bastards Rise, is a much more rocking track. The feedback and pounding drums perfectly compliment the lyrics - "You don't have to be a genius, but it helps to, it helps to, fools and charlatans they may get wise…." I enjoyed the track so much, I barely even noticed the guitar solo, which normally sets me off any song.

At this point, I knew this album was going to be solid. Piano, some guitar and some good lyrics is a recipe for success. I didn't expect the band to completely change styles on almost every song. This disc has ballads (Little Round Mirrors), playful almost R & B pop songs (Incommunicado), social commentary (the chilling track War Buddies), and a mention of LL Cool J's alias (Cool James).

Almost like a guilty pleasure, my favorite song on the disc is Happiness Writes White. A piano driven, catchy pop song written for Sean's wife, the song has the playful aspects of Ben Fold's best tracks. The infectious melody and the simple, yet honest invitation into their life is great.

The CD is getting heavy rotation these days, and I wonder how many people like me just never gave this band a chance?

Want to know the best thing about this CD? The band is giving it away for free, hoping they can win you over. Take a chance on it, and support the band. And while you're at it, try some eggplant, you'll be happy you did.

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