I'm Not a Gun

Could be one of the worst band names ever. But this City Centre Offices collaboration effort between legendary electronic progammer John Tejada (he did a remix of Such Great Heights for all you Indie fans) and his friend, guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto. This project is an earthy combination of Tejada's programming, live drumming and bass and the subtle guitar work of Takeshi. This album is a must listen to for any fan of Album Leaf.

The album gives off a real jazzy feel. The live drums and guitars mix perfectly with the beats to create a vibe that reminds me at times of both the New Deal (on the track Unseen) and Soulive. The opening track, Soft Rain in the Spring, is infectious and a perfect introduction to this CD.

The disc itself offers up some new diveristy, especially on the track A Letter from the Past, Nishimoto's guitar work adds an almost kung-fu movie feel and on As Far as Forever Goesthe track is dominated by a rocking guitar riff and hectic drums.

The thing I really like about this album is they don't just try to create atmospheric jams. They use varying tempos to hook you into some more upbeat songs (Move, Unseen, Continuous Sky) in contrast to the visceral more soothing numbers the band is known for.

Check out:: Soft Rain in the Spring

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