It's Friday... so you can bet you'll hear working for the weekend on the radio

It's weeks end here on the Hill, and we've had a busy one. Interview with Myles from Wolfmother, a new redesign that our friends hate, and some news from the Future – or I guess into the future – courtesy of MC Rell.

So here are just a few tidbits to keep you in the know:
In perhaps the biggest hipster tour for bands that get shit on for no reason, Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab are touring together.

Both bands put on a great show, and despite the fact they craft solid pop songs, people feel the need to bring them down. Not on our watch! Here are the Canadian dates:

  • 04-15 Montreal, Quebec - Cepsum at University of Montreal
  • 04-17 Toronto, Ontario - The Docks
  • 04-23 Winnipeg, Manitoba - Burton Cummings Theatre
  • 04-25 Edmonton, Alberta - Shaw Conference Centre
  • 04-26 Calgary, Alberta - Stampede Corral

So in Death Cab related goodness, head over to gorilla vs bear to download a great cover of Soul Meets Body – as recorded by Rose Polenzani.

In more humorous news, Lindsay Lohan lost her diary, only to get it back with a few pages ripped out. I'm not sure if she knows this, but Lohan you aren't 13 anymore. I would think the diary would have gone the way of her Cabbage Patch kid, once she realized the plastic lock didn't actually keep anyone from opening the book, but I was wrong. Some of the shocking details she fears might get leaked are details of her relationship with Jared Leto, the fact she has no talent, and should be publicly executed for covering a Cheap Trick song, and a romp with Maroon 5 head man, Adam Levine.

On the grand scheme of things, these all rank somewhere at the top of the list of things I don't know why I care, but seriously…, not to get Seinfeld on you, but what's the deal with Mr. Maroon 1? That guy has been in more celebrity briefs than Johnny Cochrane. He seems to be the safety net for young pop stars to fall back onto (literally) once they break up with someone or need a media blitz.

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