Kanye West, would you please shut up, oh and Jens kicks ass

It's a busy day in music today. We have a special gift from Mr. Jens Lekman, news from the Streets and some breaking Kanye West news.

Jens Lekman is a talented troubadour that recently put out all his out-of-print EPs on an easy to listen to CD, courtesy of Secretly Canadian records (for a more detailed discussion about Jens, check out our cleverly named post :: Jens-ational). If that wasn't enough, he's giving all his fans the chance to download his tour only EPs for free. If that isn't reason enough to like him, I'm not sure what is.

Mike Skinner has announced the release date, track listing and the first single for his upcoming album. Considering he had herohill riveted by his plight to return a dvd on time, we are anxiously awaiting this release. If you are super eager, you can visit his site and get the up to the second countdown for the release of the single.

Just for fun, download his remix of Bloc Party's Banquet.

Ok, here's the meat and crazy potatoes of this post. I actually think Kanye West is the musical Ron Artest. He has talent, but is certifiably crazy. Where as I love Ron Ron's antics (like trying to fight assistant coach Michael Cooper for no reason), Kanye gets under my skin like no other performer alive.

Here are some of the latest chart toppers for this bag of douche:

  • Kanye believes he should be in the bible. Yip, you heard that right. Twelve disciples, a virgin named Mary, some blacksmiths and now a beatsmith. I'm not 100% straight on ALL the rules of Christianity, but I'm thinking I know Jesus wasn't down with people hogging his share of the spotlight. I'm also thinking in ancient times, people didn't walk around telling people they were the greatest.
  • Kanye is a rapper, who deems himself street, yet when it came to the Grammy's, he plugged himself harder than a bald man holding unto his youth. He constantly says he is the most important person in rap history, but can you ever imagine Chuck and the Flav, or RUN-DMC freaking out begging for the attention? Does anyone even care about the Grammy's? He also claimed his album was the best made, but he forgot to listen to the competition.
  • Kanye is a devout Christian, who just admitted he is addicted to sex and porn. Ah, again.. isn't that like me saying I'm Muslim and than eating a McPig sandwich at Rottin' Ronnies?
  • Kanye originally turned down the chance to do some tracks for Mission Impossible 3, until legendary rap promoter TOM CRUISE asked him to get on board. This is, according to Jesus 2, how it went down: "When the movie's producers initially asked him to come aboard, West told them he was busy. "But they invited me to come by the studio, and I went and Tom was there, and he was like, 'Yo, can you do it?' And I was like, 'Yes,'"West said, gesturing as if he had been cowed into participating. Cruise said West ended up recording two songs that are "unbelievable," a new version of the movie's classic Lalo Schifrin theme and another track called "Impossible" with Twista and Keyshia Cole. "You just need to hear it," Cruise said. "I went in while they were mixing, and I was like, 'Man, you killed it.' It is — wow."
    Yes, in case you missed that, that was Tom Cruise letting Kanye know he nailed the track. And it is worthy of being released.
  • Kanye is cavorting about down with Pam Anderson. Between her implants, reductions and diseases, Pam has more letters covered than my high school report card. She's a port in the storm for any struggling artists who believe their own hype. Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Kanye…

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