A Kid Rock/Scott Stapp sex tape?

I know, I know - old news. Kid Rock and MC Creed are the victims, if you can be a victim of abusing groupies on a tour bus, of the latest "illegal" celebrity sex tape. It's not a complete list, but let's revisit the days of sex tapes past. Gena Lee Nolin, Pam Anderson, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, the weird girl from Buffy/American Pie, Colin Farrell, Paris Hilton, and one of the jackasses from Jackass. Are either of those two surprised they ended up on this list? If you polled people on the street what video you'd see either of them in next, I'm sure 80% would answer porn. You don't have to be Nostradomus to realize when this two assholes fell, they'd fall hard.

Ok, seriously. Kid Rock, you dated Pam. Pam has been in more videos with rock n rollers than the Huxtables had jazz loving grandfathers. The fact you didn't end up on a video with her is more of a miracle than the fact we are still talking about you. Honestly, unless the royalties from Joe Dirt are bigger than expected, I don't know if you are going to be able to rent the video you star in.

Mr. Stapp. First off, you were in Creed so you should consider yourself lucky the great Lord you sing about didn't strike you down for breaking his command-ments. 1) Thou shall not use take my name and put it in terrible songs. 2) Thou shall not have a life of douchebaggery (ok, those might not be exact rules, but they hold true for all of us). For example: You throw hands with a guy from 311? You get punked by a guy on Live Journal (which roughly equates to not getting invited to your own birthday party) and well, I mean, look at you. You wear a wife beater more than an extra from those bar scenes in Swingers. Money baby!

The video is 45 minutes, which is probably how long Kid Rock had to think about some record exec's offer to become a hard ass hillbilly after spending years trying to make it as a white rapper/DJ, and the trailer online apparently has Stapp lying back in his porn-cliner getting some attention from a huge who-rrrr. He actually says - "It's good to be the king."

More or less, the point of this post is too point out idiots love when idiots screw up. More or less, if Captain Creed and Kid Rock didn't let this footage slip to the media their talent would mean we'd never hear from them again. The same holds true to the tabloid hungry actresses like Lohan, the Olsen's, and etc etc etc. America needs famous scapegoats, and for some reason these scapegoats need attention so much that they don't mind being the butt of everyone's jokes.

So congrats you two. You are back in the news!

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