The Raconteurs

I really, really wanted to not like this band. Jack White and Brendon Benson teaming up together have people talking about how this band will be the Midwest's answer to Nirvana. Part of me hoped the album wouldn't be so good that anyone who even heard of the White Stripes would be all over it like e-coli on a 7-11 hot dog. Part of me hoped the band name would scare people off. Then I heard the 'Steady As She Goes' and realized this album was going to deliver and then some.

God damn. This is a catchy song. Since it was leaked on the ractoneurs site (which by the way, is the coolest web page I've seen in forever). Simple, catchy, infectious, amazing. These are some of the words that come to mind. YANP has the mp3 for everyone to steal, er check out until you buy the album.

@ 9:05 PM, ... kicked the following game:

I love them, but I like the white stripes and the green horns better - its a bit more pop, but not as bad as a lot of stuff. here is a fan site i found


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