Rhett Miller and Josh Rouse

Here's a little two-for-one actions for you. Two great singer/songwriters are about to release new albums. Rhett Miller (front man of the Old 97's) and Josh Rouse. I find similarities between the two artists and think both are high underrated.

Rhett Miller's second solo album, The Believer, is out on February 28th. I remember hearing some of the songs from his first solo album, The Instigator on YEP and being shocked to learn it was the "guy from the Old 97's".

The new album is written in the same vane, and features some great musicians to bulk up the stripped down, acousticy, pop feel Rhett delivers (Jon Brion, Matt Chamberlain and oh man does Rachel Yamagata sound fantastic on Fireflies). Who doesn't like songs about love and sex (according to Rhett "mostly sex")?

Verve music is offering a nice e-card that lets you listen to four tracks from the new album.

You can preview the whole album here.

For some unfair reason, he is skipping Vancouver so if you are in the area and want to see him you have to head to the 'Attle to on March 23rd at Showbox.

Josh Rouse has been making quality music for a long ass time. His 2005 release, Nashville, and 1972 get heavy rotation on my Ipod. Most people assume that since Josh lived in Tennessee for so long, the album will be a heavy dose of country fried goodness. It's not. Sure there is some steel guitar and he has a great soft voice, but the album is filled with pop hooks. The piano ballad Sad Eyes reminds me of all the good things that Ed Hardcourt brings to music.

Before recording and writing his new album, Subtitulo comes out March 21st (Canada), Josh picked up and moved to a small little town in Spain for some inspiration. He also started his own label after his contract with Rykodisc ended. As with his other work, the album is influenced by his surroundings and is laced with the upbeat, happy vibe we all assoicated with small village living.

He's playing the Redroom in Vancouver on April 22nd, and it should be a great show.

Check out the nice, lo-fi video to the album's first single – Quiet Town.

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