Saturday Looks Good to Me

I've got to admit, I love anything that has to do with Saturday. The day itself, that jam by De La Soul about Roller Skating, Saturday Night Live (until everyone died). Jesus, if they called getting choked out by your flat mate before ka-ra-te class Saturday, I'd probably try to move in with Aitken and Jimmy and start enjoying that fun too.

You can add Saturday Looks Good To Me to that list too.

This Ann Arbor based outfit has more alumni than the UM football team. Over the 6+ years these guys have been performing, they'd had like 75 members. The band uses lo-fi 60's pop hooks and some mix and matched female vocals, paired with front man/song writer Fred Thomas to create some catchy songs that are like a flux capacitor set to 1962. This collective hits you with surf rock, some Hi-Fives style punk tunes, some Motown infused riffs, and then play it through a Salvation Army boom box with a broken speaker.

Over their 6 years, SLGTM has about the same amount of singles as Bernie Mac in Mr. 3000. Most are out of print, and unless you want to break your indie, hipster wallets to get the vinyl, you might be SOL.

Until now that is! The good folks at redder records have compiled a collection of b-sides and obscure tracks for everyone who slept on these guys before. Sound on Sound has it all. the comp features some Beach Boys influenced ditties, some sonic attacks of noise on your ears, and some indie sounds that could almost be found on a Pavement record. Now I'm just rambling. If you haven't heard of these guys, this is as good a place to start as any.

Here are some mp3 to get you started:
Lift Me Up
Can't Ever Sleep
Lift Me Up

@ 11:43 AM, foon kicked the following game:

its jiu-jitsu, dumbass, don't make me come over there and choke u out


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