Don't Mess With Texas... music

Maybe I'm inspired to mention Texas because our fat-ass Prime Minister is meeting with Dubya (and Fox) to improve relations. Or maybe I'm inspired because that the music coming out of Texas these days is unreal. Two bands that should be high on everyone's lists are:

  • Voxtrot
    Voxtrot is a beautiful combination of twee and depressing 80's goodness and enough guitars to get you moving on the dance floor. Although this might be an odd combination for some people, it works. "It's okay for somebody to be into both Throbbing Gristle and Belle and Sebastian," says Voxtrot's front man Ramesh Srivastava. Touching on traces of Morrissey, Belle and Sebastian and even a hint of Joy Division, the bands two EPS are a must have. Every time I put a Voxtrot record on, I start to smile. What more can you ask for? To force feed you into buying them, check out these two lovely tracks:

    MP3:: Mothers, sisters, daughters, wives
    MP3:: The Start of Something

  • The Glass Family
    This band snuck up on me. Reading countless blogs everyday can be a good thing, but also means you have to filter through hundreds of posts with people trying to find the next big thing. You can't help but tire after reading about the same mp3 hundreds of times. One person who is usually right on the money (for my tastes) is YouAintNoPicasso and he recommended this band to readers. The Glass Family is putting out their debut record, Sleep at the Wheel, on I Eat Records and it is great.

    They don't overcomplicate things. Catchy hooks + honest vocals + great instrumentation + the band is named after one of JD Salinger's stories = me on board. Looking for amazing pop songs that don't try to do too much? Look no farther than the Glass Family.

    MP3:: Swimming in the Fiction

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