Hey Toronto, Peace Out

As I'm sure many of our loyal readers have noticed, I have been MIA for quite some time on the posting front. Well, there is a reason for that. My wife Petra and I are finishing up the process of moving from Toronto to Halifax. As I'm sure you know, Halifax is our hometown, as well as the birthplace of the hill. So, due to everything involved with the moving process, as well as the fact that I'm temporarily living with my parents and their dialup connection, I haven't been able to enlighten you with my 2 cents on a regular basis. Well, I'm working to change that, and hopefully this post will be the start of many new posts to come.

So what can I say about Toronto, my home for the last 7 years. Even though I'm happy to be back in Halifax, there are many things I'll miss about Toronto. I'll miss the convienience of it's subway. I'll miss the multi-cultural essence of the city and the tons of restaurants that are the result of that. I'll miss Raptors games at the ACC. I'll miss the Blue Jays at the Sky Rogers Dome Centre. I'll miss living in a city where I have the oppertunity to see pretty much any music act touring today. Last but not least I'll miss the unbridled nuttiness of Toronto's many crazy people that could turn my walk to work or a simple subway ride into my own private One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest.

But as much as I'll miss Toronto, I'm certainly happy to be back here in Halifax. And because I'm out here, you can certainly expect more east-coast centric posts. But I'll still be keeping my eye on Toronto, so don't think we won't have opinions on what's going on in the T-Dot (Here's one now: Dave Feschuk still sucks). In the end one of the things I'll miss most from my time in Upper Canada is the many people I got to know. So to all of you, consider this my formal goodbye. Please keep in touch and keep visiting the hill to keep tabs on me.

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