It's Juno Time!

If you're in Halifax, you're no doubt aware that that this weekend is "Juno Weekend" as everyone has been calling it for weeks. Make no mistake, it's a big deal down here, as well it should be I suppose. Just because I'm not really interested in about 90% of the bands performing or nominated doesn't mean it's not a huge event for a lot of people. Halifax has always been a good music town, so it's fitting that Canada's biggest music celebration (The Juno's are our Grammy's for our American readers wondering who Juno is) has come here. So read on as I give you a lightning fast preview of the weekend.

The timing of the Juno's doesn't work out all that well for me as I have a new house to take possession of this weekend, but I thought I'd spread the word. Although it starts tomorrow, so if you aren't in Halifax now, it might be a little hard for you to make it in time.

Junofest kicks off tomorrow night. There might be plenty of ill bands performing on the actual Junos (Yes, I am talking about you Nickleback), but at least this Junofest deal gives some good Canadian bands the chance to grab some of the spotlight. Tons of bands are playing in smaller venues all over the city, and this link right here will give you the run down of who's doing what where.

But that's not all that's going on. The Juno Cup is a hockey game featuring former NHLers and some music industry "celebs". Mr. Lahey and Julian of the TPB tradition of doing every Celebrity Hockey Game in Canada, but I would hit this game just to see Hall Of Famer Paul Coffey hopefully injure one of the members of Theory of a Deadman.

The Songwriter's Circle is Sunday afternoon at the Rebecca Cohn and features Halifax West alumnus Joel Plaskett as well as Petra's favoritest singer of all time, Jann Arden. Something called Juno Fan Fare is going on at Pier 21 on Saturday. I think it's something like at the Super Bowl where you run through tackling dummies and try kicking field goals, but with Canadian musical acts. If they're looking for tackling dummies, I know some greasy dudes from Alberta they can use (What up Nicklesack, I'm talking about you again! You know where to find me if you want to mark my face up).

And then of course there's the Juno broadcast on Sunday night, but if you haven't got tickets for that forget it, they went like hotcakes. But I know some folks going to the show, so I'll see if I can't get some scoop for the hill's loyal readers.

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