J. Robbins & a new Channels song

There are some people in music that just equal quality. Whether they are producing, writing, performing or playing in a backing band you know the project will have merit. For me, one of those people is J. Robbins.

J. has fronted three amazing bands:
  • Channels
  • Burning Airlines
  • Jawbox

The Channels is his current outfit, a great three-piece where he and his wife handle the singing. Well, anyway, their myspace site has a great new track called:
MP3:: 'Hug the Floor'

If you aren't into these bands, you might be won over by some of the bands he has produced an engineered. J has worked with so many of my favorite musicians it is unreal. Some of the top-shelfers are:
  • Texas is the Reason
  • Jets to Brazil – MP3:: Psalm
  • Dismemberment Plan – MP3:: Superpowers
  • Promise Ring
  • Jazz June
  • Faraquet
  • Blue Tip (man, big Jeff loves these dudes)
  • Hey Mercedes
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Blueline Medic
  • Maritime – MP3:: King of Doves

If you aren’t excited by any of these bands, I'm not sure why you read this blog.

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