Kelley Stoltz

Another great act who will be on display at SXSW, Kelley Stoltz is an multi-instrumentalist who recently signed to Sub Pop. His newest album, Beyond the Branches touches on aspects of psych rock, R & B, Beatles-Beach Boys influenced pop, and blues. The new songs are more on piano driven than his previous records, but the scattered use of the glockenspiel, spoons, guitars and bass all compliment Kelly's unique voice perfectly.

Kelley has perfected an almost earthy sound to the four-track home recorded songs Kelley. This album ranges from upbeat pop sounds (The Memory Collector) backed by persistent backbeats, to lo-fi sounds (Birdies Singing, the Sun Shines Through) that fans of M Ward will enjoy. Beyond the Branches will no doubt be heard by many people and passed off as yet another Beatles influenced singer songwriter. It's only after you really listen to the subtle sincerity Kelley puts into this record that you start to appreciate his talent.

Check out a couple of freebies from Sub Pop and Kelly's site:
MP3::The Memory collector
As the bouncy piano riff starts, you are reminded of so many Beatles tracks, and Kelley's voice even starts to venture into the Fab Four style without losing his own sound. It's a simple, enjoyable two minute track.

MP3::The Sun Shines Through

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