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It's been far too long since any sports content has graced the pages of herohill, and since the NCAA 64-team tournament is my favorite non-World Cup tourney, what better source of content. The best thing about the tournament is the constant David vs. Goliath battles that occur. Cinderella teams emerge after each round and gain instant support from fans across North America.

This year is no different, with teams like George Mason, Wichita State, the Bradley Braves and even G'Town pulling huge upsets to get people into the Jones Soda mentality of running with the little guy.

After ingesting hours of coverage, here are some of the things I love about this years cast and crew:

  • Even as a Duke fan, I can see why the rest of the world hates all things Duke. You can't go 15 seconds without someone mentioning Laettner's shot, or how the majority of these white, overated white McD's All-Americans can "play into a system" or "understand what it takes to win." In reality, Duke is the team where white high school balers come to die. Lee Melchionni is a perfect example. A highly touted recruit from PA missed a wide open dunk and threw up an airball on a wide open 3. Cash money. Plus, he's so white when he takes his shirt off, the sun pushes clouds in front of it. Still, they are my team, and I am liking the swagger they have of late.
  • Sheldon Williams head goes down with Stuart Scott's crazy sloth eye as the weirdest looking body part in sports today.
  • I wouldn't bet on Kansas showing up to a wedding, let alone showing up in the NCAA.
  • Without a doubt, strictly by name alone, Arizona has the best names of player you don't want to play ever: Hassan Adams, Fendi Onobun, Mustafa Shakur and Mohamed Tangara. Awesome.. they only need Shabazz Jenkins.
  • Hands down, the best story is the Wichita State Shockers. Not for the fact they are playing well, but for the fact their cheerleaders actually give the international sign for the "shocker" after plays for the camera, and announcers say things like, "the team symbol for the shocker" and give the symbol to the camera as well. You can't write things this good.
  • The hype bad hair, tattoos or facial hair gets people is awesome. Granted Pitsnogle and Morrison are great, but would people care if they weren't so greasy?
  • Every team, no matter what seed they are, is an underdog. According to Morrison, Gonzaga (ranked in the Top 10 at points this year) had their backs against a wall against a mid-level team whose coach is walking out with hate in his heart at the end of the season. The Hoosiers couldn't have won this game if the ghost of Steve Alford, Damon Bailey and Keith Smart all played. Ironically, former Hoosier and current NY Knicks GM Isiah Thomas has offered all three contracts to play in the Garden.
  • The Hoosiers still wear pants that make them look like hospital candy stripers. So awesome. The might as well play in bedazzled jerseys and jellies.
  • Announcers say the same thing over and over again. I am not sure if you know, but according to Clark Kellog, tournament bids are earned by regular season play, not by how you do in the tournament, so regardless of the outcome, teams deserve to be there. It is like Brent Musburger telling everyone that Brady Quinn's sisters dated AJ Hawk, and when they played in the Bowl game, she was torn as to who to cheer for.
  • My friend Tyler said it best: "Every commercial is for generic male things." Cars, banks, deodorant, cell phones - throw in some ads for the Magic Bullet jerks.

I think the Sweet 16's have some great match-ups. Here is the official prediction list. Final Four – Duke, Boston College, UConn, UCLA.

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