Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave is one of the most fun bands out there today. Acoustic driven pop songs with great bass lines and the masterful drumming of Pat S., matched with Zach Rogue's nice falsetto. The band is also one of the hardest working, touring relentlessly for the last 3 years and actually seem thrilled to be on stage every time they play.

Their last album, Descended Like Vultures, made herohill's best of 2005 list. The great blog I Guess I'm Floating, linked to two b-sides from the band, so check them out:

MP3:: Eyes (Just Friends Soundtrack) - The most recent trend is to litter shitty movies with great Indie songs so people gobble up the soundtrack just to grab a non-album track. This track (from that movie where Van Wilder was a fat kid who loved the high school prom queen) is a sparse number, but Zach's voice on the simple repeating chorus makes it enjoyable.

MP3:: Manna - The is the darkest sounding I've ever heard from the band. The song has so many layers: acoustic, a nice prevelent bass line, tambourine, strings,drums (you know that sound the big mallets on the cymbal make) and is a nice change of pace for the band.

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