Tapes N' Tapes are everywhere you wanna be, so suck it VISA

Let it be said, Tapes N' Tapes is the most hyped up band in the world right now. That's not to say they aren't deserving of the praise. The Loon is amazing from start to finish. Anyone who hears Just Drums will be converted to a fan. They made a great album and with only the hype of a few bloggers (Gorilla vs. Bear being the big one) and an amazing live show, they have become the Indie darlings du jour. Pitchfork snatched them up to play the Intonation festival and they were one of the most sought after acts at SXSW.

But yesterday when I logged into my good friend the itnernet, I have to admit I was shocked to see the cover art for The Loon on the main page for Apple.com. Apparently, much like Best Buy, Steve Jobs and Co. are going to try to make money of the current Indie buzz. Apple has a new section called the Indie Spotlight, where people looking for all those Indie-tastic albums can click and download music that will help them be cool.

In reality, I think this is great. Most of these bands that we all blog about sell almost no records, especially since a lot of the "fans" just download the album months in advance. If getting the promo spot above the list of "Top Downloads" gets these bands some loot, even better, it is just shocking to see how much music has changed in the last few years. A few years ago you wouldn't hear Matt Pond and Doughty playing in the Gap. A few years ago you wouldn't hear bands like Wolf Parade playing when you eat breakfast at the diner. It makes life way more enjoyable to be able to do your thing and not have to listen to Britney or Rob Thomas or terrible crunk-infused rap.

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