The Vacation

The Vacation has all the makings of everyone's next guilty pleasure. I mean, you look at the band, dressed in leather jackets and you wonder if these guys are for real. You see the album cover, with the band name graffiti-ed in Warriors scrall over top of some black and white Suicidal Tendencies artwork of the band and the Ramones-ish cartoon drawings that fill their myspace page and again, you wonder if these guys are for real.

Then you notice that they work with great producers (Rick Rubin for example) and started playing in the same LA clubs as bands like Guns N' Roses, and you start thinking they might just be for real.

Then you hear the singles, White Noise and Destitute Prostitutes and realize these guys can really rock. These guys aren't using post-punk and catchy synth hooks to make a name for themselves. They are brash guitar licks with snotty vocals. They are ripped jeans and tight leather. They are bang your head rock. They are Iggy Pop reborn. They are the sound missing from music today.

I was surprised how quickly I took to this record. This LA based band started making noise in Europe with their debut EP - They Were The Sons - and the new album – Band from the World War Zero - is out on Echo Records and getting some great reviews. It's full of energy, piss and vinegar. It's exactly what a garage-rock/punk influenced album should be.

Like every other good band out there, they are going to be rocking out at SXSW and they are on tour:

March 7 Today
08:00 PM Exit/In
Location: Nashville, TN

March 9
08:00 PM Alley Katz
Location: Richmond, VA

March 10
08:00 PM Casbah (@ Tremont Music Hall)
Location: Charlotte, NC

March 11
08:00 PM Vinyl
Location: Atlanta, GA

March 13
08:00 PM The Nick
Location: Birmingham, AL

March 14
08:00 PM Juanita's Cantina Ballroom
Location: Little Rock, AR

March 15
08:00 PM WB Showcase @ SXSW
Location: Austin, TX

March 21
08:00 PM Double Wide
Location: Dallas, TX

March 22
08:00 PM Walter's
Location: Houston, TX

March 24
08:00 PM the Parish
Location: New Orleans, LA

March 25
08:00 PM Floyd's Music Store
Location: Tallahassee, FL

March 27
08:00 PM The Social
Location: Orlando, FL

March 28
08:00 PM State Theater
Location: Saint Petersburg, FL

March 29
08:00 PM Culture Room
Location: Miami, FL

If you are looking for something new, something angry and something you will probably justify the fact you are constantly listening to without needing to… look no farther than these guys.

Check out White Noise

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