Field Music

I’ve definitely grown tired of the whole neo-new wave, dance punk influenced acts that are swiffering the nation. The sound is too popular and too easy to replicate (badly), not to inspire acts to milk the style dry. While some acts are great at it (Bloc Party), others leave me flat. I’m tired of reading about XTC-influenced bands that don’t deliver and are just cashing in on the hot sounds of today.

Field Music is a three-piece art-pop outfit from the Indie friendly community known as Sunderland (home to the Futureheads for example) and uses the Maximo Park (who I am not into) drummer. Front man Peter Brewis was an original member of the Futureheads. All of these facts had me thinking one thing - Field Music would be another band doing the same thing. I was very, very wrong.

Describing the sound of this trio results in one of those “little bit X, meets tiny bit Y” comparisons that never work out. Obviously the band is a big fan of Pet Sounds and the Beatles, but the band adds a nice mod pop twinge to their sound producing a more arty, experimental aspect to their songs. It’s pop music at its finest; rich in strings, piano, acoustic guitar and bouncy vocal lines. The debut album finally got released on this side of the pond, and a great b-sides album (Write your own history – which features the newest single: you’re not supposed too) is right on its heels. I’d highly recommend picking up both.

Check out two tracks from the beautiful self-titled debut:
You're so pretty
Shorter, shorter

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