Mugison - New Album

Great news. I had no idea this was even on the radar, but Mugison (the Icelandic Jonah Matranga as I have dubbed him many times) released a new album. It’s another film soundtrack/score, much in the same style as his lovely Niceland soundtrack.

Even better, this movie, Little Trips, stars Forrest Whitaker and Julia Stiles. So I would imagine the film is about an amazing football player from Ridgemont High who loses his prize car, becomes a Samurai and needs a girl to teach him how to dance so he can go to the clubs to fit in after moving to a new neighborhood.

For those unfamiliar with the Icelandic songwriter, his site offers some great MP3’s. If you like what you hear, I’d recommend starting with his debut, Lonely Mountain. Like the NBA in the 80’s, it’s fan-tastic. The cover is also handmade, so get that. Go fishing.

MP3:: Lonely Mountain LP - Sea Y
MP3:: Lonely Mountain LP - Pet
MP3:: Niceland soundtrack - love theme
MP3:: Niceland soundtrack - I’d Ask Jolly
MP3:: Mugimana LP - The Chicken Song

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