New Donovan Frankenreiter

Surfer music is just cool. I've been a fan of Donavon's since he was putting out his disc in sleeved cardboard after his nice feature in the the surf movie Shelter. He quickly gained some notority opening up for Jack Johnson and even put out his debut album on Brushfire records.

While waiting for a follow-up, Donovan recorded a dvd at the legendary ABBEY ROAD. I checked out his site and found out two interesting bits of news:
  • he's got a new album coming out
  • he jumped ship from brushfire records to the legendary Lost Highway label

Other artists on this label include - Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, and Pitchfork whipping boy Ryan Adams.

They are streaming his new song - MOVE BY YOURSELF. It's a big change from his earlier work. Gone are the acoustic, mellow grooves, and apparently his new style is electric seventies funk. It's good, but it is going to take me a while to get used to. But the track is not bad, so the new album should be interesting for sure. I'd like to look for it, but Ryan Adam's management already sued the hipster pants off some cats for downloading Jacksonville Nights.

@ 2:11 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:
Strictly for the Velvet cover, I need this!


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