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Slow on the uptake this week. New job, birthday, you know.. that old chestnut. But one of my favorite bands, the Mountain Goats, have released a new EP (for those in Auz only) entitled Babylon Springs.

Frontman John Darnielle is head and shoulders above almost any songwriter out ther ewhen it comes to putting you in a lifelike situation and feeling what the protaganist is going through. His style is the music equivalent to reading a great book where you get caught up in the small details of the characters.

His last two albums took him from the old 4-track recording style to the studio with uber-producer John Vanderslice. It's funny, when his first few albums were getting tossed around, everyone said he'd be amazing if he ever recorded his songs with any type of production. After proving this is true, I almost miss his amazing low-fi style.

Babylon Springs is a intersting mix of songs and instrumentation. Piano, synths, strongs, and bass are all used to accompany John and his guitar. The song that is making the rounds on the NET right now is Alibi, and it sounds like something that could have been on The Sunset Tree (the song style that was used in Dance Music or This Year).

While these songs are catchy and enjoyable, I'm not sure they are my favorite type of song by the duo. I'm more into the slower, emotional, descriptive numbers like the beautiful Ox Baker Triumphant (more in the Game Shows Touch Our Lives style). I'm not sold on the cover - Wait for You :: Trembling Blue Stars - but who am I to judge.

Either way, this EP is very solid, and it is a good insight into what the Mountain Goats will be delivering with their upcoming album. They also play here in Vancouver on JUne 8th at Richards on Richards.

You can find the songs everywhere, so here's a link to Alibi::
MP3:: alibi

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