A SPOON-ful of information

Britt Daniel (via Billboard.com) unveiled a lot of Spoon news. He did not mention the fact I Turned My Camera On is the new theme song for Jaguar, but he might have been too busy running to cash a nice fat, well deserved, royalty cheque. How about all this news - a new LP, a couple reissues, a solo record, a possible big-name tour and a film score.

However, the band might be headed in another direction… a weird instrumentation, sound effects direction if you will. Britt quipped, "We're busy looking for instruments we're never played before. So far we have an electric harpsichord, a bunch of harmonicas and these weird Japanese instruments."

The band hope to finish recording by the end of this summer, in which case the record will drop in early 2007-not necessarily on Merge Records. Could it be a jump to a Major label for Britt and crew?

Merge does, however, have plans to reissue the first two Spoon records later this year. The much-sought-after Telephono and Soft Effects may arrive in stunning double-disc format, or may not. Details are scant at present, said Merge.

Also in the works is the inevitable Britt Daniel solo record, which Daniel aspires to complete by the end of 2006, and rumor has it they are going to be shopping themselves to big acts to take them out with… according to Pitchfork, maybe even Pearl Jam.

Here's a new(?) Spoon song that was dropped at SXSW - via (youaintnopicasso)
MP3:: Target

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