The Submarines

When I threw on the Submarine’s album, Declare a New State, I thought someone jumped out and punched me in the ear. Why? Because I was hearing (the) Stars. The Submarines are another couple two-piece band that trade off female/male vocals over catchy electro pop. Granted their style is not nearly as catchy as the Montreal based band, but Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti (AKA Jack Drag) are veterans of the music world, and this album is going to solidify them radio/soundtrack favorites.

The problem with most bands that try this style of music is quite simple. It’s tough to make music that stands out. You either need crazy addictive rhythms and beats or amazing lyrical content. The Submarines fall into the latter. It would be easy to assume that Blake Hazard, being the great granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s would have a gift for writing, but that simplifies it too much. I mean, look at Muriel Hemingway (well if you can without cutting yourself on that sharp face of hers).

It’s more interesting to talk about how this duo broke up (literally) and the songs for the album were written during that time apart. For a record about ending a long term relationship, the songs are surprisingly romantic and even optimistic.

I mean with lyrics like “you had your doubt, we had our rounds, we said goodbye now we’re saying vows”, “I still want you near me”, “but I’m here staring up at pictures on the wall, where are you, you’re still stuck inside them all”, the theme of the record is pretty clear. Love, loss and finding each other again is a concept much easier to stomach for most of the dumped than getting dumped and knowing it is over.

Electro-pop isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this album is a nice listen. The songs are produced fantastically and the duo doesn’t just rely on sound effects and drum machines. Using acoustic riffs and earthy textures, double tracking Blake’s voice and some nice electric guitar really add something to the songs. As the album progresses it ventures more cerebral electro-pop (in the same style as the Devics), where every sound is important. Check em out.

MP3:: Clouds

MP3:: Brighter Discontent

We have a copy of the album up for grabs as well. Simply write a nautical term in the comments, and it can be yours!

@ 4:20 PM, Charles kicked the following game:

If you had to spin around in circles while listening to the album, would you spin to the port or starboard side of yourself (just pretend you're a boat and it'll make the decision much easier)?


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