Venice is Sinking - the sequel

I’m not sure why no one is talking about Venice is Sinking. People love pop songs. People love Athens. People love the viola. Ok, maybe I just love that stuff, but these songs are fantastic. Daniel Lawson and Karolyn Troupe trade vocals and harmonize beautifully in these rich, layered songs. The band adds an atmospheric backdrop to luscious, well-crafted pop songs. What more can you ask for? Maybe if the songs were all about the state of Georgia? Or if they used a synth-riff and some crunchy guitars? Maybe if they had Wolf in their name instead of Venice?

Throw strings in a punk song and the Hot Topic shoppers go bonkers. Throw strings in pop songs and you should be getting favorable comparisons to the Arcade Fire (or did Arcade Fire get so big that any reference to them is played like bubble fonts and elbow macaroni?). Yet somehow, even with these guys bringing viola to the mix, no one is saying anything? I don’t get it. Maybe if I tell you that their album release party features 50 cent PBR?

They are heading on tour – albeit a small one and no where near Vancouver, but still:
May 19 2006 10:00P The Rudyard Kipling Louisville, KY
May 20 2006 9:00P Big Car Indianapolis, IN
May 21 2006 9:00P The Melody Inn Indianapolis, IN
May 22 2006 8:00P Shipwreck Music Grand Rapids, MI
May 23 2006 9:00P The Heartland Cafe Chicago, IL
May 24 2006 9:00P Brillobox Pittsburgh, PA
May 25 2006 7:00P Pianos New York, NY
May 26 2006 6:00P Kennedy Center - Millenium Stage Washington, DC
May 27 2006 10:00P The Map Room Charleston, SC
May 28 2006 8:00P The Art Bar Columbia, SC

The new record – Sorry About the Flowers – will be available soon on One Percent Press.

Here are some MP3’s that should win you over, including a kind of staticy, fuzzy sounding cover of the Femmes – Good Feeling.

MP3:: Undecided
MP3:: Good Feeling (live)
MP3::Pulaski Heights

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