Sunset Rubdown

Not only what Shane gives the team after a tough softball loss, this is a great band from, of course, Montreal. Sunset Rubdown is the side-project of Mr. Spencer Krug from the Wolf Parade and the new album, Shut Up Am I Dreamingis getting more hype than the Raja Bell / Kobe Bryant fights (that might just end up at the monkey bars at recess).

I know a lot of people think the songs are eerily similar to the early WP stuff, but I think Krug and crew are trying to experiment and the songs are fantastic. And even if you are a hater and try to say the songs are just WP with another name, Apologies to the Queen Mary was on almost everyone's "best of" list for last year.

Just look at some of the press these cats are getting:
  • Best new music - Pitchfork Media
  • Best of the month from Gorilla vs Bear
More importantly, they are bringing the energetic, live show and good friends Frog Eyes, to Vancouver this Sunday. Tix still available at Zulu for a measly 16 bucks.

Here is some tasty samples from the disc:
MP3:: via IGIF - They Took a Vote and Said No
MP3:: Stadiums And Shrines II

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