Ack vs Mack: World Cup 2006 Style - Group B

All right folks, here's our 2 cents on Group B. As it turns out, we've already see the first game for each of these teams, so this isn't a preview per se, but read on anyway Kaka pants.

Hey, not sure if you've heard, but Engerland's jug-eared goal scoring hope Wayne Rooney has a broken metatarsel bone in his foot. The media, both English and world, have been all over this story, so no doubt you are aware that Rooney has been cleared to play. And based on today's fairly listless 1-0 defeat of Paraguay, they might need him. The English can play D, but their current forwards, Michael Owen who was invisible today and human radio antenna Peter Crouch aren't going to put teams under the same pressure that Tabloid Wayne can. So unless they want to give the future or Arsenal, Theo Walcott some run out, the return of Rooney is imperative. Frank Lampard was the most dangerous English player today and unless his midfield mates Stevie Gerrard and Sexy Beckham can help with the scoring, I don't see England being a serious title contender. But what do I know, this World Cup seems to be wide open and with their opening victory, the English are still in the hunt.


I predict Parguay's fullback's will be in contention for the Golden Boot. Just playing. This group is full of teams I can't be bothered to care about. T & T - their dynamite, but the rest of this group can pound sand for all I care. But I'm a Roque Santa Cruz guy, I mean, who isn't? But I'm not down with the South American Greg Louganis style of play. One thing I do like about this squad - check out the press photo of their midfielder, Paredes - a FACKING EYE PATCH?


Simply for the fact this is a music blog for hipsters, we have to give Sweden some love. So many great bands (for example, the Shout Out Louds). Sweden has nice blue and yellow strips, have hot scantily clad fans and score like 3 goals a game. In reality, they are the kind of team that you'd invite to a party to be your wingman. They are not going to steal your girl, but they aren't going to embarrass you either. They are led by a dude in the back named Olof Mellberg. Say what you want, as these guys should make round two, but Olof is a kickass.

Trinidad and Tobago

The Soca Warriors. Such an excellent nickname, and before today's nil-nil tie with Sweden, I would've thought the nickname would be Trinidad And Tobago's main contribution to World Cup 2006. Not so, their scrappy play in the draw with Sweden, even after going down to 10 men at the very start of the second frame , means they've made a mark at this world cup no matter what happens. That said, I'm afraid what will happen is that they'll lose they're next two games. Despite former Manchester United forward Dwight Yorke, Coventry forward Stern John and West Ham keeper Shaka Hisplop (who for some reason wasn't even supposed to start, even though he was their MVP today) they don't have enough class to make a run at the round of 16. They do have Christopher Birchall, who is the first white dude to represent T&T; for 60 years, and although that means nothing, I find it slightly interesting. So congrats to the Soca Warriors for having the kickass nickname The Soca Warriors, and also for earning your first World Cup point.

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