Ack vs Mack: World Cup 2006 Style - Group C

So we've fallen a little behind on our World Cup preview/review series. Well we've been too bsuy watching the games to write about them, but we're getting back on it. Here's group C.


At this point, if you're a fan of Argentina soccer chances are you're from Argentina. Back in the 80's when Maradonna was punching in goals, people loved the Argies. This was of course before Diego ate half the beef in Argentina and needed a stomach stapling. Argentina is still very good, but they certainly play second fiddle to the lovable heavyweight to the north. Little country called Brazil, perhaps you've heard of them. The Brazilians have magical fan favorites like Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho, and Ronaldo, while Argentina has workmanlike stars like Riquelme, Ayala, Hernan Crespo and Pantera-haired captain Juan Sorin. All of which has no bearing on their chances of winning this World Cup. After their 2-1 win over the Ivory Coast, I'd say they're on their way out of the group of death and into the group of 16. Perhaps much further than that as many people are saying Argentina has a real chance to win it all. I'm not sold on them after game one, but I like France, so what do I know.

ACK NOTE: Argentina boasts some of the best music in the WC with native son Jose Gonzalez and the hauntingly addictive Juana Molina.

Côte d'Ivoire

The team known awesomely as The Elephants were surprise African qualifiers for Germany 2006, and made their World Cup debut against Argentina. Unfortunately for The Elephants, they got drawn into a group that's the equivalent of an Elepant gun. After a 2-1 loss to Argentina, and having to face the Netherlands in their next game, it's going to be a tall order for them to advance. But these Elephants are talented and fun to watch. Led ironically by one of the Premierships top goal poachers, Chelsea's Didier Drogba, they feature a number of other quality European based players like the Toure brothers, Arsenal's Kolo and Olympiakos' Yaya, Dindane from Lens, and Zokora from Saint-Etienne. They also have Boka, who looks like a mini Drogba and is known as the "African Roberto Carlos". So will Les Elephants be able to pull off some upsets and move on? I doubt it, but it's too bad I'd like to see more of them.


There are a lot of reasons I like the Dutch. Growing up, Johan Cruyff was a god, and when I thought Barcelona was the end all and be all, I even liked his scrubby son, Jordi (not the same guy who was on Star Trek). The Dutch have had some awesome players that stick around for decades (I think Van Der Saar is 179 and the DeBoer's were in more versions of Winning 11 than any player ever). They have one of the ugliest teams ever assembled, so ugly that horse-faced Ruud comes off looking like an Adonis.

The Dutch are awesome for other reasons too. First, after international success, people in Amsterdam partied so heartily that houseboats in the river SANK. They also have a country wide hate on for Clarence Seedorf - because in a huge game he ran in and took a penalty when he wasn't the shooter and missed. That's like the dude who runs in and shoots the tech to get another point, or begs his friend to give up a breakaway layup so he can get his 20. My friend Minouk actually named one of her cats Clarence because he "is ugly and it's a funny name."

You might ask, why are you only talking about their past? Well, probably because I don't really like the current roster, but they have the potential to do well. They have some great finishers Van Nistlerooy and Robben along with a crap tonne of experience and a man named Cocu. As per usual, the Dutch will fly into the 16's, but look for them to fade away when they play against talented teams.

Serbia And Montenegro

You have to be feeling a team with two names. It's like making your name one-word, like Cher. They've already had some tough breaks, like losing their top player - defender Nemanja Vidic (who has a webbed foot, which creeps me out), and losing their pride to Argentina 6-0. People were all over this team, as they only gave up 1 goal in qualifying but they are sure to be overmatched and even before today's crushing defeat, would have been a tough bet to move on.

On the plus side, the boast the world's tallest player, 6'8" striker - Nikola Zigic. Seriously, 6'8". I wonder if he could take Dirk at handball?

@ 9:28 AM, Mr Flood kicked the following game:

Well my friend... As i said in other comment of your blog, i'm from Argentina so i guess you can imagine the emotion we have down here with our team after the match with Serbia and Montenegro. 6-0 and a magistral class of football! What else can we ask on a world cup??


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