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Music is a sensory experience. That is pretty obvious. Every time you hear a hook or a beat, some reaction occurs. It might be the desire to dance – the Little Ones - or the desire to stab yourself in the ears – Nickleback. Then there are artists like the Album Leaf that attack all your senses, but do so in a subtle, inoffensive manner. Too often the words atmospheric and organic are used to describe electronic, multi-instrument music, but with the Album Leaf, you can almost hear the earthy sounds of nature in the music.

The Sub-pop band (really just Jimmy LaValle with some friends helping out) is back with a fourth full length entitled Into the Blue Again. Based on the success of the last record (half the album was featured on the OC, so if that isn’t making it in indie standards, what is? Right?), Jimmy was able to take step back and really focus on where he wanted to take the sound. Recording in a converted barn, in a studio in Iceland and an old pool really adds to the textures and feel he was going after. Taking more control on this record, Jimmy used his own equipment and (as per usual) played almost all the instruments on the record, but still brought in some big name friends to help fill out tracks (members of the Black Heart Procession, Telefone Tel Aviv to name a few).

What I really love about his music is simple: The sounds are introspective. He uses a v-c-v structure to take you through his airy daydreams, but you can’t help but take your own trip (listen to the beautiful strings on Wishful Thinking and you will se emy point). Although the songs are structured, you aren't forced to adhere to it. People have caught on how perfect his music is to soundtrack a show/film and that is because his music easily expresses multiple moods. What a song means to him is not what the same song means to someone else. This freedom is what music is all about.

The mandatory myspace site is offering up the first single from the album:
MP3:: Red-Eye

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