Hot Hot Miami Heat

I am not a Miami Heat fan (Although Herohill alumnus Mario has been a Heat fan from the beginning, he has a skin tight Heat tank top to prove it). I am not a Pat Riley fan. I am not a Shaq fan. I think if you like basketball at all, you have to enjoy Dwayne Wade to some degree. All that being said, I'm glad the Heat won the title. That's mainly because I can't stand the Mavs and their "Willy Wonka with bad hair and a t-shirt" millionaire owner.

I realize Mark Cuban is probably good for the NBA. Most NBA teams are now owned by conglomerates like MLSE and the Raps, or by an old rich guy. Proably not a lot of passion or new ideas coming out of that group. That's what Cuban brings to the NBA, plus he's willing to spend millions of his own duckets to put a winning team on the floor. These are good things, Cuban challenges the status quo and who wouldn't want an owner willing to spend whatever it takes to win? There is only one problem, Cuban is annoying as hell.

Seriously, most of the time when I see him on TV I want to hit him with something. He is an arrogant dude who assumes he knows exactly how to fix what ails the NBA on every given night. And he's also kind of crazy; he's run on the court a number of times during his tenure, the latest episode occurring after his team lost the crazy 5th game of the finals (where he allegedly screamed at comish Dave Stern, saying the games were rigged). His team isn't very likeable either. My feelings about Dirk are well known, Jason Terry is kind of a dick and somehow he stole Kenny Smith's nickname, and Stackhouse thinks he's the toughest guy going. Simply put, I didn't want to see these guys win.

So that would leave the Heat to cheer for, kind of by default. But you have to have a grudging respect for the Heat. They are the wackiest, most unlikely champ in years. They have Shaq, but he struggled all year and into the playoffs. They have a collection of over the hill guys and spare parts that I wouldn't to play with in a men's rec league. The ghost of Gary Payton, crazy Twoine jacking 3's, White chocolate starting at point guard, and former Raptor (Oh, that's right) Zo Mourning coming off the bench. But we all know the engine that made this championship team go - D-Wade. Consider what he's done in his short time in the league, it's pretty amazing. Hands up those who thought Wade would win a title before LeBron and Carmelo. If your hand is up, put it down because you're lying.

There's another big reason why the Heat were able to pull this off: Pat Riley. As a coach, Riley is simply a winner. He knows how to pull strings and motivate his guys better than most coaches you could name. Plus he knows how to dance as we all saw at the Heat's victory parade on the weekend. He used that dancing to great effect earlier in the year when he had the Doobie brothers pumped into a practice and he danced in front of his team for 15 minutes. Think about how crazy that is. Riley's a man who'll try any trick in the book to win, and the Mavs found that out. D-Wade gave them a chance by willing them to a win in game 3, and Riley made sure they took advantage of it.

So congrats to the Heat on their title, I hope they savour it. I don't see them getting to use Riley's trademarked 3-Peat phrase anytime soon.

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