Thursday, June 22, 2006

Interview:: Kyle Andrews & CD giveaway

We had the chance to ask upcoming Nashville based singer, Kyle Andrews. He's re-releasing his great CD, Amos in Ohio and we have a copy for one lucky reader. Just email us with "Kyle" in the subject and it can be yours.

HH: Re-releasing the album - how does it feel to rework something you've already put your heart and soul into and when you listen to the record now, does it have a different feel for you?
KA:: the way i recorded these songs initially was very spontaneous, the songs were just hatching. going back and reworking some of them was a new process for me, but proved to be a lot of fun. listening now to the new version, it is a little surreal... its like when you dream about someone and everything about them is just like in real life, except they have blue hair and drive a hot air balloon. i like this version better, i love scent of mint now. i always liked that song, but would skip it on the old cd.

HH:: There are a lot of musicians coming from nashville, all with such different styles and sounds. how hard is it to carve out a fan base and how does it feel to be making music in such a music town?
KA:: i'm proud to be making music and living in such a great place. nashville is just bursting at the seams with great bands and singers. you can go out every night and hear music. if you live here, you have a friend who is playing a show this week.

HH:: Reading reviews, you must notice the fact a lot of people throwing out some comparisons to great and stereotypical artists for acoustic singer / songwriters (I know I used a lot). Is it a double-edged sword to get compared to great artists, but constantly be compared to other artists, as opposed to getting recognized for an original sound?
KA:: it's just human nature to compare. i do it all the time. its fun. i'll go to a show and think "wow, this guy sounds like elvis costello times neil diamond plus a little of michael jackson!" hopefully a few records from now people wont need to do that anymore for me.

HH:: I read that the drums on your record were recorded live, without the drummer actually knowing the songs? How hard is it to replicate the organic sound from that recording, and how different a recording process was that?
KA:: the drummer didn’t know the song and i didn’t know the song. the song comes together very quickly. at first its just a chord progression and maybe a programmed drum loop. well that’s not a song, but if you play some drums and i make up some words, now its a song. the recording is happening in the flow of inspiration. recreating that energy live is difficult. you resolve to it being a different thing. you have to go with the energy that is happening "now". im not andrew bird, i cant play 5 instruments all at the same time. so the band is going to have its own sound. the band is like a theatre production of a movie i made. you go with what is working today - in that respect it is in the same spirit of the record.

HH:: Something we ask everyone we talk to: As an artist, people who are into your music are probably willing to check out your recommendations. What are three things that influence you (can be anything - books, food, movies, music - whatever) and you would recommend to a fan of your music?
KA:: listen to public radio. make spicy peanut butter chicken. for my third wish i will wish for more wishes: listen to metric, sufjan stevens, peter adams, andrew bird and pearl jam's new record.

HH:: As an artist who is building his fan base, how do you feel about
the change in the music industry - downloads, bloggers?
KA:: it is great. i made this music on my computer at home. now you as a listener can receive it at home on your much of big music business is so impersonal, its all faux emotion. im sorry to say that jessica simpson is a robot. her "dad" built her and her "sister" in his garage. they have programs directing them to sing loud and make a pouty face. for the rest of world who doesn’t care what a robot was programmed to pretend to feel, there are blogs and ways to get a hold of what’s going on below all that big business insanity.

Thanks for taking the time to do this Kyle. We really appreciate it.

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At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Cole did sayeth:

I love kyle, his music is great!


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Robin k did sayeth:

Good questions and answers. I enjoyed the interview. Im making spicy peanut chicken right now!


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