Mr. John Roderick and his rapier sharp wit @ Bonnaroo

The Long Winters new album - Putting the Days to Bed - is sure to end up on most critics Top 10 list of the year, with good reason.

Well he went to cover Bonnaroo for CMJ, and a more honest account of what was going on I don't think you will ever read.

Some highlights:
On Clap Your Hands Say Yeah::
Still, as a fake member of the press, I thought his voice sounded like someone skinning cats. His songs were decently folky and he honked along on the harmonica, which was passable. Maybe it sounds like Neutral Milk Hotel or Talking Heads on the records, as I’ve heard reported, but it didn’t pass my dorm room test, which is: If you were stuck in a dorm room at SUNY Purchase and the same person was singing these songs, would you be thinking, “Holy shit, this guy is great!” or would you be trying to figure out how many songs was the polite number to endure before you could reasonably claim you had a ton of homework?

On Hippies and Reggae::
In 1977 it still seemed plausible that revolution could be inspired by music and might sweep the globe, inspiring people to emancipate themselves from mental slavery, but most of those third-world poor are now working in tennis-shoe factories and neither Marxism nor reggae music has changed its message to reflect the times. There’s something triple discomfiting about the son of a reggae legend preaching Marxist agitprop to rich American hippies, considering the utter failures of Pan-Africanism, Marxism, and Hippyism in terms of actually changing the world.

Excellent stuff.
The Long Winters are playing, as a part of Barsuk Night on the Bayou Bar, but skipping Vancouver.
2 Jul - VICTORIA, CANADA [ ICA Folkfest ] Barsuk night on the Bayou Bar!

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