One of the best shows of the year?

Vancouver is a hotbed of concerts. Most big name acts will stop by, usually with a local or unknown opening act in tow. Such is not the case on Tuesday, June 20th @ Richards on Richards. Jose Gonzalez is headlining a show, and filling up the lineup with the hauntingly beautiful folk artist, Juana Molina, and electronica loving Psapp.

Jose is starting to gather a lot of press (including from us), more often for his unique cover of the Knifes track Heartbeats. He is however, much more than just a great cover. This english speaking, Argentina born fire finger picking demon's debut LP (Veneer) is getting critical acclaim world/blog wide.

The artists he is bringing with him are equally as fantastic. The opener, Psapp, is an electronic band that got some notority when both Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set) and Ben Gibbard (DCFC & Postal Service) did some guest vocals on their record. The new album - The Only Thing I ever Wanted - is a a unique combination of beats and instruments that can best be described as music for a cartoon assembly line. I think as openers, and playing songs for all the releases is the perfect start to this show.

Perhaps the artist I'm most excited to see is Argentinian folk artist, Juana Molina. I have no idea what she sings about, and frankly I don't care. On her latest release, Son, her sparsely changing chord progression is matched by subtle electronics in a way unlike much I've ever heard before. It's super easy to get lost in her music. I can't wait to see how these sounds translate in an intimate concert venue like Dicks on Dicks.

Tuesday night, tix still avail. Seriously, don't miss this chance to see three great artists.

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