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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Review:: Kyle Andrews Amos in Ohio

It seems so simple, and really, it’s already been done. A guy, a guitar, a sampler? The recipe is easy, so why do so many artists trying the same shtick fall short, and only a few, like Kyle Andrews, catch your ear.

Kyle’s debut album – Amos in Ohio is getting re-released on badman records and the influx of PR should help this album start to get some serious acclaim. Already voted one of the best local Nashville releases in 2005, Kyle’s sound falls somewhere in the same category as Pete Yorn – but not egotistical, Bright Eyes – but not so depressing (although at times his voice strains with emotion in that Conor Oberst manner (like on the song Tree Hugger), Josh Rouse – but more upbeat, and almost every singer/songwriter you already listen to. But unlike every other artist you’ve heard these comparisons made about, Kyle’s music grabs you and keeps you listening.

Using only the backing of some drum loops, double tracked vocals, and his sampler/keyboards on the majority of tracks, Kyle’s songs focus on his acoustic guitar and unique voice. The subtle effects and song structure really remind me of efforts by Ian Love and Jonah Matranga. They are all the type of artist that can stand on a stage in a bar when people are talking and command attention without demanding it. I hate the term bedroom pop (which I’d guess Kyle’s music style will surely be described as), because it almost demeans the simplicity of this record and that is what makes Kyle’s songs so fantastic. Adding layer after layer takes would take away from them. His stripped down heartbroken melodies stand on their own.

On the track your tester bunny, Kyle admits, “I don’t stand out in a crowd, I barely feel like I’m here at all.” As this release starts making the rounds, even if he doesn’t think so, this record is going to make people notice the young Nashville singer and how talented he is.

MP3:: Amos in Ohio

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