Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Review: One-hitters - Mew and New Sense

Is it weird to get a promo EP for an album that came out in 2005 that advertises the band is dropping that album again in 2006? Well when it comes to Mew, to quote the poetic genius of Rob Base or Milk D, “I don’t care.”

Things I love about this band after hearing only (5) songs:
  • The title of the opening track – Apocalypso. Seriously, that is Au (gold for all you non-chem nerds out there).
  • Their web site seriously sounds like, and moves like a Legend of Zelda level.
  • They are from Denmark
  • They are opening for Bloc Party
  • They rock.
This record caught me off guard. A four-piece with driving, catchy as hell guitars, nutty sound effects, and great drums. Somehow the songs are dark and uplifting at the same time. Once I heard Special, I became a fan of this band. Completely ignoring structure, at least on this EP, they tend to avoid anything resembling v-c-v songs and concentrate more on producing enjoyable arrangements of sounds (like a great three-part falsetto harmony on the outro to the Zookeeper’s Boy) that happen to fit into the loose boundaries of a song.
MP3:: Special

We got the heads up about this band from Ivar. Lately, everyone seems to be in some sort of music collective. When the members of a collective come from bands like Decibully, Paris Texas and Camden and are involved in the production of Maritime’s last (and fantastic album): We, the Vehicles, chances are I’m going to enjoy it.

New Sense is back with a new EP, Flowers Before Hours (recorded by guitarist Kristian Riley), and it’s a lovely slice uptempo pop. If you like the dance friendly songs of the last Maritime record, you are in for a treat. What if Get Sick is instantly addictive; with the nice harmonies, crunchy simple guitar riff and the mooged out keyboard sounds. Plus I love the lyric – “Cause the boss doesn’t care who you are.”

Take a listen now, because the band is offering up like 5 mp3 for the low-low price of zero dollars.
MP3:: What if I get sick

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