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Already the year is flying by. I remember New Years Eve and already it is almost mid-July. Everyone thought this year was going to be slow, but there have been some amazing records released and the second half of the year looks to be following suit.

Top 5 (no order):
1) Band of Horses – Everything All the Time. This album exploded on the scene and despite all the hype, it is avoiding backlash and the band is selling out shows faster than Dashboard Confessional just sells out – bazing.
MP3:: funeral
What we had to say about them:
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2) Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette. One man, some simple Casiotone thrift store keyboards and more emotion than you’d think possible. Owen crafts stories, not songs, and the subtle but enjoyable computer melodies are a perfect vessel to transport the message.
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3) Josh Ritter – The Animal Years. Singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen, so it takes someone special to make an impression. Perhaps influenced by the happiness this album brought Nic and I on our road trip, this album has already been a part of some great times this spring.
MP3:: thin blue flame
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4) Martime – We, the Vehicles. Granted, I’ve been a DVB fan since the days of Promise Ring, but this album floored me. Upbeat, catchy and impossible to get out of your head – all things that are too good to ignore. The band has dropped a member (Eric), and gained two more to become a four-piece.
MP3:: parade of punk rock t-shirts::daytrotter session
What we had to say about them:
Power trio made up of ex-Proimse Ring and Dismemberment Plan staples. The drumming on this track keeps you moving, and as always, Davey VB's lyrics and voice make you want to hear more. The whole album (We, the Vehicles) is solid.

5) The Format – Dog Problems. Currently, in my stereo, this album gets more play than Bill Bellamy in the 90’s. With touches of Queen and the Beatles mixed with catchy Indie rock, this record is an incredibly fun listen (despite the lyrical content of being cheated on, and dropped from a label) and will have RCA wishing they kept these guys.
MP3:: Timebomb - via IGIF
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Honorable mentions:
Wolfmother, Beat Radio, Silversun Pickups, The Essex Green, Voxtrot

Upcoming releases:
The Long Winters – end of year top ten candidate for sure
The Mountain Goats – I’ve loved every other record, and I’ve heard a few songs that makes me realize I’m going to love this one too.

@ 6:39 PM, awardtour kicked the following game:

i still can't make my mind about the format album. i can't think of another album which i really like one moment, and dislike the next. I guess my mood is uber sensitive to Queen style vocals.

and the Long Winters: #1.


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