The Format - Dog Problems.

It’s summer, which means BBQs, beer, and the need for fun, upbeat music. This summer, people should get on board with the Format. The new album, Dog Problems is an eclectic mix of catchy songs that hasn’t left my computer at work for a few days straight.

As the demos started surfacing on the NET, people where whispering about a sophomore slump for this twice dropped outfit. Instead, they delivered a record rich in instrumentation and enough catchy tracks to fill up summer mix tapes. I remember when I was doing things for EMI, Jimmy Eat World got dropped after Clarity only to move to a smaller label and resurface with a record that (ironically) was full of singles and could have made the EMI a shit ton of cash. I wonder if Atlantic is feeling that same type of regret. On a side note, I love that bands are moving back into big hooks and synth riffs that make people want to dance. Hipster music, while impressive and daunting, doesn’t always have to be overly complex and shouldn’t require an investment to get through a full CD. Simple and fun doesn’t mean easy – and the way the Format grabs your ear after only one listen proves that.

The album starts with two tracks that slide under the radar, but the album comes to life with one of my favorite songs of the year. Time Bomb starts with a Freddie Mercury-esque intro and explodes into a sing-along chorus and continues to grab your attention with polished riffs and loads of energy. Obviously, a song about a failed relationship being cheated on, you can’t help but feel the pain of “starting out I’m starting over, you swore together forever now you’re telling lies.

The album turns nicely into an 80 summer hit with She Doesn’t Get It. Synths aren’t always my things, and I was definitely tiring of the post punk movement, but the handclaps and “do, do, do dos” in the chorus get me hooked. Pick Me Up uses a nice plucky bass line and some harmonies to change up the verses in another great single. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Interestingly enough, the song that interests me the most is the Beatles-esque title track. The trumpet, simple keyboard riff and carnival styled melodies is a complete change of pace and hides the emotion in this song perfectly. Another song you nod along with happily until you listen to the lyrics.

Here are some songs:
MP3:: Time Bomb – via IGIF
MP3:: Oceans – via Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good

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