Freddie Foxxx

Lately there's been a lack of quality hip hop content here on the hill, which probably isn't much of a problem as most of our regular readers are music enthusiasts of the indie variety. Well too bad, 50% of the hill still enjoys the hip hop, so we try and bring you some relevant content when we can. And nothing is more relevant than this stellar interview Hip Hop Game did with underground legend Freddie Foxxx (spotted via Nah Right).

Even if you don't like the hip hop, just read the interview. Freddie is one of the realest dudes in the hip hop biz. He's a huge man and isn't afraid to call people out, although dudes are afraid of him as he has a real rep as a dude who speaks with his hands, but unlike Terminator X his hands say things like this: "If I tell somebody I will punch their face into their body, I'm being an MC, but when I punch your face off your body, I'm doing it as a man with a big-ass fist. I'm a real dude. A lot of these guys are like the George Jetson dinner. You put a pea on a plate and pour water on it and that's dinner." There you go, no one you know would say they're gonna punch your face into your body and then compare someone to a George Jetson dinner.

Freddie the Foxxx's verse on Gangstarr's "Militia" is my second favorite verse from a posse track (second only to Cappadonna's classic mindblower on Ghost's Winter Warz). That's a bit of information that isn't really going to convince you to read the interview, but I enjoy both songs and just felt like mentioning them because I can. If you haven't heard both of those I'd look for them quick fast. But if you want one more reason why this interview, and Freddie Foxxx for that matter, is awesome, there's this: Freddie himself found the post on Nah Right about the interview and left a comment crushing all the internet haters who peed themselves because he spoke ill of Jay-Z: "So for all you keypad killers, cyber Gangstas, I could never be a hater, I aint built for hate, but I will always be real, this is why I respect intelligent responses and not all that groupie reterick." I know what you're thinking, but you know you couldn't spell rhetoric without looking it up either.

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