Germany vs. Portugal

11:55 – Anthems are so jive, but I love that Kahn still looks like unfrozen caveman goalie. He has a huge jaw.

0 min: I sense less defense will be played in this game than a one on one game between Tony parker and Nash.

1: Portugal is still greasy. Trying to take kick on a throw. Making me bitter in a nothing game. That’s a skill.

2: The red rooster has played terrible all tournament. Germany needs some Odonk-adonk.

3: Maniche has a huge face, and Schneider still can’t do anything positive with the ball. Klose has much better skill than I thought. How can he not score for his scrubby German club team?

4: Klinsmann should sub himself in. Be so awesome. Plus he’d hit the net more than Lukas. Ref missed an obvious handball. Not so Kehl.

6: Ballack looks as active on the bench as he was on the pitch. Read – he’s not moving at all.

7: Onion Frings with a booking. I hope he and Bierhoff chase some Portuguese subs down and start another donnybrook.

9: Ha ha. Frings tripped on the ball and ended up doing a 720. Solid move for a snowboarding vid, not so much for a solid finish from just outside the 18.

10: Ronaldo could be so awesome if he wasn’t such a douche. Sets up Simao for a terrible crot. That’s a cross shot.

13: Nowotny needs to hit the rogaine. How is he still on the National team? He’s had 5 surgeries and might be 50.

14: Damn, Kahn gave him the whole net. How did he miss?

16: Portugal looks like a real squad. Ze Germans look lost again.

17: “Rick” Jansen just got nutmegged on a 1 v 3. Talent.

20: Damn, Kehl just almost chipped him from 24 yards. Maybe Ricardo was right about god being Portuguese… oops. Zizou schooled him.

22: Deco is toying with the German midfields. Kehl didn’t look quite as Kehl on that.

24: Metzelder just tried a hackeysack move. Solid. The Jester to the stall.

24: This would be a prime time for Ballack to drill one over the bar.

25: Damn Lukas drilled that. Not sure I’m down with the 3-touch free kick though. Just kick it.

27: Klose loves the head down. Yikes. That looked like a car crash.

28: Manich dives after a tackle by the red-headed stepBeckham. Man they are an annoying squad.

30: Fouling Ronaldo is like intentionally walking Bonds. I’d do it everytime.

33: Nice flop by Kehl, but who is the chooch getting in his grill. Why are all the Portuguese hardasses? Does Carvalho teach them all how to be dicks?

35: Lahm is awesome. He seems to have no pace, but somehow is always making plays.

36: More tricky dribbs. Ronaldo is too cool for school. I’ll love when Man U transfers him to Spain and I never see him again.

38: The German back four, aside from Lahm are like the fatties in the old Nintendo hockey. You are surprised when anything productive results.

42: Maniche is the soccer Nadal. This half has been crazy boring.

43: Frings is goal drunk after his 35 yard blasty blast. Needs to realize he can pass.

44: Klose is showing his skill again.

44: So is Ronaldo. Une autre dive. What a dick. He’s looking at the ref while he dives.


45: Sub numero uno. Enter Petit.

46: How did Hyundai get to be the official car of the World Cup? Nothing wrong with them of course, but man, that’s like getting Skoda to be the car.

47: Frings definitely made his name this tourney. Outshone Ballack for sure.

48: Another great touch by Lahm. Klose doesn’t have the juice this time.

50: Ah, he just slid beside him. Maniche’s douche stock is rising.

51: Deco’s creativity on simple plays is unreal.

52: Klose is showing more emotion in a worthless game than any up to now.

53: In the box.. guess what Ronaldo does?

54: Damn. Where was that all tourney. Schweinsteiger with a dynamite goal. Ricardo got wrong footed on a shot down broadway.

57: Damn. Deco also stole Bert’s eyebrows.

59: Lahm with an impressive try. Portugal’s effort looks like it is dropping.

61: Own goal. Awesome. Normally I hate those, but Portugal annoys me more than any team going. So suck it Petit.

63: Is it 2002? Look at Kahn being all cat-like. Well, cat-like but caveman looking I guess.

64: Lahm continues to shine. And Klose leaves. All in all a stellar Cup for the limp wrested runner.

65: Again Deco. He’s the only Portuguese player who showed up so far.

66: Simao goes down. He strikes me as someone who loves his own brand something fierce.

67: Lukas whiffs on a nice pass. The announcer is hoping for a Schneider goal. Am I the only one that thinks his play has been sub par?

68: Nowotny is playing a great game.

69: Another Portuguese sub. Not going to lie. These players look the same.

70: Paulete can’t finish, and tries to claim a non-handball. A classy squad this team.

71: Wow. A Hanke sighting. This is like seeing Rick Brunson get run.

73: Schumaker likes the way the Germans have settled. As do I. Nowotny pushes forward, his baldspot gleaming like a beacon waiting for a cross.

75: nice one two for Hanke. Encouraging to see any young Germna touch. With he and Lukas needing to lead this team in 4 years in South Africa.

77: Figo makes a cameo. What’s the word… word up. A nice cameo to end his international career. The German D has looked stellar today.

77: Speaking of a classy send off. Kahn makes another great save.
78: Gentle. What a finish. Schweinsteiger. En fuego. Take a yellow for your celebration. He’s also ripped up. Might as well use Tim Meadow’s shirt –in – can.

79: Hitzlesperger????? Wow. Klinsmann is emptying the bench.

82: Ha. Kahn just did a no look save with his knees. A clean sheet is destined now.

83: Another big save. Ba-bab-ba-ba I’m loving it. I don’t care if Portugal scores, just not Ronaldo.

84: Neuville is a pint-sized ball hog. No wonder he only plays 10 minutes.

86: The Sperger with a lovely undressing of Costa. Neuville tried a jumping side kick. A wee bit optimistic.

88: Nuno Gomes scores on a great ball from Figo. A nice way to cap a great career.

89: Hanke is poaching looking for a goal. No service.

Full-time. All in all, a solid 3rd place finish. Much better than expected, and only some slight disappointment of getting knocked out on some brilliant goals by Italy in extra time.

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