M. Craft

After Jose Gonazalez rolled through Vancouver - and was outshone by mono-browed Argentian Juana Molina - I was checking out his upcoming dates and saw for a few upcoming shows, his fans will get the chance to hear M. Craft open up.

M. Craft is an independent, one-man band in the true sense of the word. When he first started recording, he used his friend's bathroom as his reverb chamber. He is gaining some respect in the UK, and drawing comparisons to a more-textured James Taylor, a less drepressed Elliot Smith/Nick Drake, or a UK version of Sam Beam. His songs, although radio friendly at points, rely on hushed vocals as opposed to easy to follow, love sick falsetto. While these comparisons hold true, they also simplify his actual work. M. Craft uses textures and sounds to shape more than songs, he shapes emotions.

He just released his new album, Silver and Fire, on 679 recordings. Once his name gets out with Jose or a song or too floats onto US radio, expect to be hearing a lot more of M. Craft.

MP3:: Demons

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