M Ward

Perhaps it is the hushed tones, and gentle finger-picked melodies that helps M Ward fly under most people's radar. I mean, his last album, Transistor Radio, showed up on most critics Top 10 list. He played on records with Indie darling Jenny Lewis. He showed up to lend Spoon a hand with their Austin City Limits show. Yet for some reason, his upcoming release, Post War, is almost here and as is often the case with his career, no one seems to be talking about it.

Even his own web site barely mentions his latest endeavors. Well that has to stop. His new album, is a lot more up tempo than TR, and uses a full band to really beef up the sound. Throw in cameos by Neko Case and Jim James and you are looking at a front runner for album of the year. He's coming to Vancouver, on Sept. 2nd - so get your tickets now.

In an attempt to not piss of any labels, I'm simply going to link to a site that is hosting the Lovely Daniel Johnston cover - featuring Neko Case.
MP3:: To Go Home via Some Velvet Blog

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