Pack Your Vans, We're Heading To The Bay

The Bay Area is usually on another level when it comes to hip hop. I don't know what it's like for other music, but it seems like everyone out these is spending their time figuring out how to be different. Shite like Krumping and the Hyphy scene are pretty bonkers and I don't see stuff quite like that coming out of any other geographic locale.

But this might be the one I find the wierdest, it seems hip hop dudes in the Bay are sporting Vans now. Yes, Vans, the surf/skate shoes like the checkerboard slip-ons your older brother had in '86. Why are they doing this? Well the quick bit of research I didn't do suggests it's because Vans are so different from what you'd expect hip hop kids to be wearing. Plus they're cheap too, so that can't hurt.

Anyway I'll give you a chance to hear about the fad for yourself. Today someone sent us a link to The Packs hot single "Vans" and that's what started me on this tangent. Really the song smells a little like gimmick rap to me, but the dudes sound very serious about their Vans, so who knows. They should get serious about their rappin', as a couple of these verses are weak:

The Pack - Vans (Real Player)

The Pack - Vans (Windows Media)

@ 2:34 PM, PRINCE UV DA BAY kicked the following game:



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