herohill v3.0:: e-Ducky making another mix

It’s time for another herohill compilation. What’s that mean? Well, probably that you can download some songs you have already heard or won’t be that into, but we’ll troop on regardless. This mix is a lot more mellow than our usual endeavors, but don't worry, the H is O.

Casiotone for the painfully alone:: Cold White Christmas (live with the Donkeys)
I already loved the original version of this song, but the live recording from the Daytrotter session is unreal. The jangle of the guitars gets me hooked, and Owen’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of loneliness.

Bonnie "Prince" Billie::Love Comes to Me
Will Oldham is back, shaggy beard in tow. The new album is unreal and uses a copious amount of strings and female backing vocals. Any fan of Will’s work will be ba ba ba ba – lovin’ it.

Owen:: Sad Waltzes of Pietri Crespo
The title uses Pietri Crespo. That should be enough. Owen (Mike Kinsella) is known for beautiful, depressing, finger picked acoustic songs of lost love. This time around he beefed up the production with the help of Brian Deck to craft his most accessible album yet.

Mountain Goats:: Woke Up New
Speaking of beautifully, depressing songs… No one tops John Darnielle and Get Lonely is a pseudo return to his old boombox recording days. Woke Up New combines the feelings of been left with an underlying sense of hope that things will get better.

Hezekiah Jones:: Nothing’s Bound
I had never heard of these cats until I read a post on Aquarium Drunkard. They are amazing. Using the same recipe as Sam Beam to create tapestries of sounds without overwhelming the listener. Call Tim Meadows, because this is the quiet storm.

Elvis Perkins:: While You Were Sleeping
This track was stereogum approved., plus his dad was the original psycho (sorry Jason Walsh, you are just biting Anthony Perkin’s style). It’s a nice acoustic ditty with a drum you just have to nod along with.

Eric Bachmann:: Carrboro Woman
Eric Bachmann, front man of slacker rock legends Archers of Loaf and herohill staple Crooked Fingers, decided to live in his van for an extended period of time and write a solo record. The album is a journey to the center of his soul, but luckily he let’s us come along. Carrboro Woman is my favorite track on an album likely to be on my Top 10 at year’s end.

Greg Graffin:: Californian Cotton Fields
Bad Religon front-man doing Americana style songs over a banjo with Jolie Holland backing him up. Not sure what else I can say.

Jonah Mantranga:: New England
Continuing on the Americana, Jonah Mantranga puts his spin on the classic Billy Bragg track, New England. I dig it, but that is probably because it makes me think of the Groovie Goulies punk rawk cover from back in the day.

Long Winters:: Hindsight
John Roderick finally released another full-length. His lyrics are amazing, and the songs are catchy as hell. “Are you still training for the big race, by hoping the runners all die?”

Shearwater:: Red Sea Black Sea
Once only known as a Okkervil River side project, Jonathon takes the reigns from Will and delivers a fantastic, diverse albums. The songs tell stories, and range from emotional, sparse masterpieces, to almost Broadway show tunes and everything in between. This song has a persistent backbeat that you can’t get out of your head.

New Sense:: What if I get sick
This band is a collection of amazing musicians with a knack for writing underappreciated songs. Kristian Riley of Decibully fame revamps his song stylings into pop masterpieces that almost touch on disco at times. It doesn’t sound like it should work, but it does. Highly recommended.

The Format:: Timebomb
One of my favorite tracks on the summer so far. The Freddie Mercury vocals make a bitter song sound oh so sweet. People slag this band, constantly calling them a guilty pleasure. Don’t believe the hype. The album is fantastic.

Mew:: Special
Mew is about to explode. They just finished rocking ass with Bloc Party and the interview I did with Jonas got more hits than Bernie Mac and Rod Carew combined. Innovative prog rock with unreal vocal range, but catchy as hell. This Danish outfit will be back with a big tour soon I’d guess.

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