Lindsay Lohan gets tatted up y'all!

Every so often, I find it necessary to break from reporting the music to knock an idiot down a cyber-peg. This time around, the idiot is none other than Lindsay Lohan. Other than being a dumpster for almost every Hollyhood b-list single celeb and feuding with a Hilton, I'm not sure what her contribution to society really is.

Her latest claims to fame are stellar. First, she's almost been kicked her latest movie for excessive partying, errrrr exhaustion. Seriously. She makes movies
with Herbie in the title, so does she really need much prep to get her acting chops in check? I can't see her really prepping for her roles, so it's not like she's going through Tom Hanks-esque transformations. Can't she just get out of bed, figure out who's room she is in and go to the set? How hard is it to dress in slutty, tight clothes and act dumb? Can that really be exhausting?

Regardless, she's also been dropped from her record label for not promoting her record. For those not sure what promoting her record means, it means going to Europe and hanging out. Since she's so eager to go to Iraq with Hilary Clinton, you'd think that would be on the way. It took too much time from her summer in Malibu partying and doing karate in a bikini to do anything. It's so frustrating to have to open the paper, click on a web site, or turn on the TV and see her, Eva and Paris fighting for the biggest sound bite.

For example. When you think of tattoos, who do you think of? Well, start thinkinng of L-Lo. She's trying to open the first tattoo boutique. A place where young, rich socialites can get tattoos that signify moments in life and make a statement. Other statements she made include, "why would I come out and be democrat or republican. I'd be cutting off 50% of my fans", but Lindsay got breathe or some shit tattooed on her wrist - whether it be to remind her of what she needs t odo every few seconds, or because she wanted to remind herself to slow down and not work so hard, it matters little - and wants to tap into the market. For those looking for tattoos of hearts, starts, moonpies and pinwheels, Lindsay also wants to create designs for the shop. I'm sure all knds of respected artists want to jump on board to have her critique their work and offer advice. "I know she wants the lotus flower, but maybe we should just tattoo a picture of Fez on her back?"

This is the type of act that makes people hate rich, Hollywood socialites. Tattoos are a form of art, must like painting, drawing, writing or recording music. These type of people with no interest in the art itself cheapen the work of everyone involved in the industry. Paris making records, or writing a book? Same thing. I know right now shows with INK in the title are hotter than a pistol (and I have no doubt she wants to turn this boutique into a reality show), but the people involved actually care about the art. Carey Hart may be cashing in on his name, but the man is covered head to toe in tatts. It might be something he's interested in.

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